Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

William Barr Spar with Kamala Harris in Judicial Committee Hearing

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The Senate Judicial committee hearing meant for confirmation of William Barr was rather turned into a political witch hunt for the man nominated to the post of Attorney General. Haven witnessed the treatment of Brett Kavanuagh during the confirmation hearing last year, it would be naive to expect anything less for Williams Barr, most especially with the left trying to keep the Bob Mueller investigation on for at least another year.

However, it wasn’t Bob Mueller’s investigation that brought down the house, but the debate over the border security that has led to a government shutdown.

Democratic senator, Kamala Harris asked him a direct question if he was advocating a wall, to which William Barr suggested that a wall would reduce drug trafficking, but she pushed him further to change his views on that, saying “a lot has changed”. Then she moved on to question him on why he wouldn’t recuse himself from the Bob Mueller investigation.

Democrats are trying all they can to frustrate President Trump because they know that getting the wall done will increase his chances of getting re-elected and that alone is a nightmare for them.

Kamala Harris who is believed to be nursing an ambition to run for Presidential candidate under the Democratic Party will surely be frustrated to see William Barr doing so well in the confirmation hearing so far. And her accomplice, Cory Booker, another Democrat who was so quick to play the race card in the hearing will surely go home weeping tonight, wishing their day had gone better than it did today at Capitol Hill.

Meanwhile, President Trump may finally get his man if William Barr gets confirmed today, most especially with the bias in the DOJ growing each day and Bob Mueller determined to incriminate him at all cost, it will be a great win for the President to finally have an Attorney General who will work on bringing back sanity to the DOJ.


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