Watch old Joe Snap, Losses It After A Reporter Hit A Nerve On Live Tv

Joe Biden snaps at reporter after being grilled on the amounts to be payed to illegal immigrants at the border.

Following remarks after the passage of the infrastructure bill, a reporter inquired about Biden’s flip-flop on the reports that some illegal aliens separated at the border would be eligible for payments as high as $450,000. “I’d like to ask you, real quick, sir: Where do you stand? You said last week that this report about migrant families at the border getting payments was ‘garbage,” he began to ask before Biden denied what he said days prior and descended into a tangent:

7 replies on “Watch old Joe Snap, Losses It After A Reporter Hit A Nerve On Live Tv”

I think we should record the questions put to Joe and his answers. That way we could play it back and then Joe could face what his reply was.

Why is the video unavailable? Big tech still at work? Or is briben. Paying these illegal fucks 450,000of our tax dollars? Either way it’s treason. Briben is a illegitimate lying pedophile criminal. Why is hee not been arrested tried and hung? When did I respond to this story ass hole?

Biden is either completely delusional or he has just begun to believe all of his own lies. He and Kamala are worst thing to ever happen to our country. Why is he not being impeached? I don’t understand why?

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