Trump Scores Huge Win As Federal Disqualifies Prosecutor against Trump

The judge in the case ripped the prosecutor in Fulton County, Georgia’s probe into former President Trump and others.

The judge heading the grand jury ripped District Attorney Fani Willis for fundraising for Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Charlie Bailey, who is running against Republican Burt Jones, a criminal target of the inquiry.

“I don’t know whether it’s a conflict, but… it’s a ‘what were you thinking moment,” a judge remarked Thursday. “If we want to believe this probe is non-partisan… That’s troubling.”

Jones’s lawyers said Willis’ June event earned $32,000 for his opponent and requested a new prosecutor. Thursday’s hearing focused on Willis’s petition to be dismissed.

“I’m concerned it’s not a lowercase ‘a’ It’s like a capital “A” fundraising with flashing lights for the political opponent of a target of the court’s probe. “I’m the grand jury’s legal counsel, and I’m on national TV virtually nightly talking about this investigation,” the judge added. Problematic.

Bailey was in a runoff at that event, and it was unknown whether he would face Jones. The lawyer said Willis handled Jones like any other defendant.

The judge promised a judgment.

Rudy Giuliani is in the limelight again, but not for his fault.

A New York judge has ordered the former mayor of New York to testify before a Georgia grand jury investigating possible 2020 election influence by former President Donald Trump and others, NBC News reported.

Giuliani, who functioned as Trump’s lawyer, failed to attend a July 13 hearing to oppose a subpoena seeking his testimony in the inquiry.

NBC says:

Giuliani was subpoenaed as a “material witness” by the grand jury formed by Fulton County DA Fani Willis to examine “organized efforts to impact the 2020 elections criminally.” Giuliani falsely claimed “widespread voter fraud” in Georgia, the subpoena alleged.

Willis said Giuliani must come before the grand jury on August 9 and any subsequent dates the judge orders.

“There is evidence that [Giuliani’s] participation and testimony at the hearing was part of a multi-state, coordinated strategy by the Trump Campaign,” the subpoena said.

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