Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

SOTU 2019: President Trump ignores Nancy Pelosi, gets ready to deliver State of the Union Address

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President Trump has sent a letter to House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, informing her of his decision to proceed with the State of the Union Address on the 29th of January, 2019. House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi had written to the White House asking the President to Postponed the date of the State of the Union address earlier billed for 29th of January, citing security threats because of the Government shutdown. She had sent a letter of invitation to President Trump with the date of 29th January, hoping the Shutdown would have ended by then. But for the breakdown in communication between both parties, things appear differently from the way she had hoped earlier.

In her letter, addressed to President Trump, Nancy Pelosi had advised the president to either cancel. or give the speech in writing or outside Washington D.C. But in reply, President Trump has said he will go ahead in honouring her first invitation to the house to deliver his address to the American People on the state of our Nation.

Many on the left have already voiced their disapproval of this, stating that the president should show some respect to the House Speaker and cancel his address, or make it on a later date after the Government has been reopened. But President Trump has pointed out that, the government shutdown is as a result of the refusal of the left and ‘Radical’ Nancy Pelosi to negotiate the bill he presented to solve our immigration problems and build the wall on the southern border with Mexico.

President Trump has reiterated his desires to protect the American citizens from the outside world, most especially the illegals pouring into our country with Drugs, and committing all sorts of crimes including human trafficking, murder, rape and lots more. For these reasons, he has refused to reopen the Government until the Democrats are willing to release the $ 5.7 Billion requested for the border wall funding. There have been back and forth fights between President Trump and Nancy Pelosi over the past weeks as the power struggle continue to unfold in Washington DC.

The President looks set to carry on with the State of the Union, but what will be the reaction from Nancy Pelosi’s camp?

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