Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

SOTU 2019: Dems suffer meltdown over Trump’s speech

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President Trump sent shockwaves down the spine of Democrats in a historic State of the Union speech on Tuesday night.

In a stunning speech that tends to hit out at the Dems resistance of his policies, President Trump made some remarks that will have the Democrats worried and ashamed of themselves and their insane policies. An example of such was when the President said America will never succumb to socialism, saying, “We were born free and we will remain free”. Many claim that it was a jab at Bernie Sanders and self proclaimed Democratic socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex. But if it was, The President would still be right to do so considering the number of unemployment and jobs created, most especially with regards to blacks and the Hispanic community. Also, the boom in the economy, were all brought about by the President’s tax cuts and the economic policies he has put in place. But crazy Nancy and her partner in crime, Chuck Schumer didn’t even stand to applaud the President’s achievements in these communities.

There have been mixed reactions to the President’s speech, some Leftists applaud Nancy Pelosi for her disrespectful clap at the President’s call for unity, and call to shun revenge politics. Leftists will always want to shutdown the truth but President Trump was right to rub it in their faces. Like when he promised to sort out the crisis at the border, giving the Congress 10 days to come up with a bill to settle this issue once and for all.

The President also addressed the controversy surrounding Governor Ralph Northam who advocated for late term abortion, Trump condemned him for his insensitive comments and further strengthened the call to make abortions illegal.

In a rather bizarre move, the Democrats women were dress in white, with some saying there were in solidarity with their KKK Governor, Ralph Northam.

Here are some selected reactions to the 2019 SOTU

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