Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

President Trump DEFUNDS Planned Parenthood!

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President Trump has defunded Planned Parenthood as promised.
Trump pulled the plug on the infamous baby genocidal organisation that has killed millions of babies throughout the United States. He promised he would, and he did!!!

Left-wing ideologues comes out shouting foul play using such words as:“Yeah forget all those adult lives being saved for affordable cervical cancer screenings, prostate exams, pelvic exams, breast exams etc. They DEFINITELY don’t matter as much as fetus.”
Truth be told, all or most of those tests are FREE under any health insurance plan since the ACA was implemented. Yet, the left use them as cover to keep killing innocent babies.

Planned Parenthood is NOT a healthcare provider, and has no operation that offer such care as the left makes people believe. They are an abortion factory.
The system not only remove unwanted babies but funnel money to the DNC, we need a better system than that.

The Planned Parenthood abortion business announced today it will officially withdraw from the Title X program — costing it $60 million in taxpayer funds because it refuses to follow a new Trump administration rule that requires it to segment out its abortion business from legitimate health care if it wants federal funding under the program.

Because the abortion business is withdrawing from the $60 Million Title X program, this money can eventually be redistributed to other groups that engage in legitimate women’s health care.

According to reports

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals late Friday rejected a request from more than 20 states, Planned Parenthood and the American Medical Association to block new pro-life rules that Planned Parenthood is refusing to follow. Leading pro-life groups have praised the Trump administration for prioritizing women’s health ahead of abortion. This action adds to President Trump’s record of defunding the Planned Parenthood abortion company.

Title X funds are supposed to be used to help low-income women and men receive birth control, cancer screenings and other health care services. While the tax money cannot be used to pay for abortions, it indirectly funds Planned Parenthood’s vast abortion business.
“Planned Parenthood is still open. We are continuing to fight this rule in court,” said Alexis McGill Johnson, acting president of Planned Parenthood. She said the abortion company would do everything it could to make sure that clinics could stay open.

Do we really need Planned Parenthood? The decision to be Parents isn’t one that should start after sex but before. Both parties have the right to choose wisely, there are preventive measures that are actually cheaper than abortion. The cost of killing an innocent baby and the trauma that comes with it is quite higher than what it will cost to prevent pregnancy.
As for Planned Parenthood, they had a choice to make, it was a simple one, and they did. If they had chosen to comply with the regulations put forth they would still have their funding. Choices are made every day. In this case the organizations choice cost them $60M.
President Trump Makes Promises, and keeps them, not exactly what the left would want.

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