Sat. Sep 21st, 2019

NO TRUMP COLLUSION? Bob Mueller recommends no further Indictments.

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A Breaking News from Washington DC last night said there will be no further Indictments by Bob Mueller. This was after the Special Counsel submitted his report to Attorney General William Barr. The long awaited report which brings an end to a 2 year long investigation into a presumed Russia’s interference in the 2016 Presidential election will be made public as early as next week, as the Attorney General prepares to advice the Congress on his findings from the report.

Democrats seem to be disappointed by the fact that there will be no Indictments for members of the Trump family as lots of lawmakers have been looking forward to Indictments for Donald Trump jnr and the President’s son-in-inlaw Jared Kushner. But Special counsel Robert Mueller has recommended no further Indictments.

A very serious point worth consideration however, has been the lack of evidence of collusion with a foreign power to influence the results of the 2016 Presidential elections. Russia collusion as it is often called was the primary bases for the Bob Mueller’s 2 year long investigation, but after Millions of taxpayers dollars has been spent and dozens of Indictments recorded, there have been no traces of President Trump’s collusion with the Russians. Will the Democrats offer an apology to the President for what can be seen as harassment?

What does this mean to the political atmosphere in Washington?

With the Congress now fully divided and the President at war with the majority House Democrats over his border wall funding, the Bob Mueller’s report will play a major role in how things turn out in the coming days and weeks for President Trump. The report is likely to be accepted by some and rejected by many Democrats if it doesn’t include anything they can hold unto against Trump as regards the 2016 election. Also it could give President Trump further grounds to lash out at James Comey and Hillary Clinton as it was the firing of the former that brought about the whole Special counsel probe.

Will the report affect the 2020 run?

If President Trump is not indicted, as confirmed by the reports of no further Indictments, then the President will definitely win over more supporters as this will appeal to his fan base that he was innocent all along and the left will be guilty of a very costly witch hunt against a sitting President.

Senate Minority leader, Chuck Schumer has said in a press conference that he will not advice anyone to jump into conclusions until the report is made public and all details have been analysed. This was amidst the reports that Congress man Adam Schiff has vowed to subpoena Bob Mueller as he seeks every possible way to impeach President Trump.

More on this story will follow as we await further statements from Attorney General William Barr.

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