Leftists Panic as Red States Win against Abortion and Thomas Signals Anti-Roe Stance

Amazing!!! Leftists Panic as Red States Win Victories against Abortion and Thomas Signals Anti-Roe Stance…

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, back to the court after thankfully being released from a somewhat longer than expected hospital stay, is back with a vengeance, ready to defend the Constitution and principles he holds dear. Of course, he already does that, but now it’s looking like he might be willing to go on the warpath against the current abortion regime.

That’s because back in December of 2021 Justice Thomas asked some tough questions of the abortion lawyers, saying:

“Does a mother have a right to ingest drugs and harm a pre-viable baby? Can the state bring child neglect charges against the mother?”, he asked.

Anti Abortion Protesters surround The Supreme Court
Big Win For Republicans On Abortion

Would you specifically tell me, specifically state what the right is, is it specifically abortion? Is it a liberty? Is it liberty? Is it autonomy? Is it privacy?” Thomas asked.

Finally leftists have finally been put under the bridge with Justice Thomas out of the hospital and red states around the country scoring wins against the horrific abortion regime that currently exists, are freaking out.

The Daily Beast, a relatively good gauge of how the blue hairs are feeling about things, panicked in a recent article, saying:

Hillary Clinton faces Charges for Attacks On Trump

Extremist state lawmakers around the country no longer want to stop at banning abortion. In their twisted morality, a woman should be publicly shamed and hauled into court for even daring to exercise their constitutional right to get an abortion. If passed, nightmarish legislation would put these red states on par with repressive regimes like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

The article then goes on to lament the fact that the GOP is scoring wins and that Democrats are hiding from the issue, running away rather than standing and fighting for an unpopular issue

And that’s not all. Another Daily Beast article, written back in December of 2021 when Justice Thomas was wrecking abortion lawyers and taking names, noted that:

The Court spent the morning hearing oral arguments involving a Mississippi law that makes it effectively impossible to obtain an abortion past 15 weeks of pregnancy. The state law clearly runs afoul of Roe and decades of settled legal precedent—and that’s exactly why Republicans wrote it. Mississippi’s cynical legal effort is the latest salvo in a decades-long Republican effort to build a test case capable of overturning abortion rights.

The Supreme High Court’s new conservative majority is close to handing Republicans one of their most consequential victories in a generation…

The leftists can see a major conservative victory in sight, a “huge” GOP win on abortion. From Texas to Missouri, red states are taking action to protect the lives of the unborn and the Supreme Court, assuming the supposedly conservative members of it can grow spines, might be poised to allow those abortion limitations.

Hopefully If that happens, it would shatter the post-Roe abortion regime and seriously protect the lives of unborn Americans. No wonder the leftists are panicking.


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