John Kerry Guilty of Treason!

It is common knowledge that while President Trump was in office, John Kerry engaged in improper and clandestine communications with senior-level Iranian government officials. This is a blatant breach of the Logan Act, which states that it is illegal for private persons to negotiate with the governments of other countries. It’s possible to call it treason, and in fact, I do. However, at this time, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has gained possession of a report that reveals several additional individuals also met with Iranians in a covert capacity.

Executive Director of the ACLJ Jordan Sekulow made the following statement:


“The previously unreported ‘off-the-record encounter’ is said to have taken place at the ‘Iranian Ambassador’s Residence, NYC’ on October 4, 2018, according to this letter. This was only a few days after substantial media coverage of Kerry’s disclosure of the covert attempts. We could locate a letter that had notes on a discussion between former United States diplomats and Zarif. The conversation centered on Zarif’s replies to “questions given by a group of U.S. former ambassadors and policy experts.”


John Kerry, who served as Secretary of State under Barack Obama, attempted to bring down Donald Trump while our current president, Donald Trump, was working to extricate the United States from an unfair nuclear agreement that Obama had negotiated while he was in the White House. However, the ALCJ was able to get a memo from October 2018 with the heading “Notes From ‘Iran and the U.S.: An Off-the-Record Conversation with Foreign Minister Mohamad Javad Zarif.” This document was dated “Notes From ‘Iran and the U.S.: An Off-the-Record Conversation with Foreign Minister Mohamad. This document, which had never been seen before, provides evidence that John Kerry was not the only one who broke the Logan Act. It was previously unknown that this memo existed. There is still no word on who the other individuals were.

From PJ Media

Sekulow continues by saying, “The newly obtained memo, regarding the secret meeting between [Foreign Minister Mohamad Javad] Zarif and these former U.S. officials, included discussions of nuclear weapons, potential prisoner swaps, Afghanistan withdrawal and negotiations with the Taliban, Houthi rebels, Syria, Suleimani’s popularity in Iran, and the region in turmoil.’” “This is exactly why we sent this FOIA request: to uncover the actions of then-former U.S. diplomats – those who worked for the Obama-Biden Administration but who then went to work undermining President Trump and the core policies he campaigned on and succeeded in” “This is exactly why we sent this FOIA request: to uncover the actions of then-former U.S. diplomats.”

“Kerry himself confirmed his role in this plot,” Sekulow continued to say. “He was the Secretary of State at the time.” “And here we have obtained a memo showing just that: an off-the-record meeting between Zarif and ‘former’ U.S. diplomats right in the middle of the Trump Administration and during the time President Trump was working through the aftermath of withdrawing the United States from the farce known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – the Iran nuclear deal,” the memo reads. “And here we have obtained a message showing just that: an off-the-record meeting between Zar.

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If this is true. Why have those who did these crimes not been arrested and brought to trial and sentanced?

I always felt like Kerry who had been so ineffective under Obama in acquiring anything good for our country would only push bad regulations once again under Biden. I sincerely hope he is brought to justice. Our country deserves better than self- centered elites who play God.

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