Wed. May 22nd, 2019

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN SHOWDOWN: President Trump Lash out at Nancy Pelosi

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President Donald Trump’s feud with House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi has gone up to a whole new level. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are fighting so hard to avoid a border wall, something they both voted for during the Obama administration, although then, it was called the secured fence act. Even the former President as well as Hillary Clinton all voted in favour of a wall back in 2006. So why is a wall immoral all of a sudden? And if wall is immoral, why do we fence our houses? There is no reason whatsoever, as to why Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are opposing the wall other than the fact that President Trump is occupying the Oval office, a position they want so bad for themselves.

Nancy Pelosi has ridiculed the latest bill presented by President Trump in an address from the White House on Saturday, calling it a non-starter, but she that is supposed to be in the legislative branch of the Government has failed to propose something better, all she wants is the Government reopened so she can travel round the world in the Military aircraft, and showing off power like she always wanted. But President Trump will not have any of that, and this has kept the Government locked down for a month now.

The President took to Twitter to lash out at Speaker Pelosi and Democrats for rejecting his proposal offering temporary protections to some undocumented immigrants in exchange for the $5.7 billion requested for border security funding.

The president said Pelosi behaved “irrationally” for turning down his offer and has gone so far to the left, also calling her a Radical Democrat. This drew some unwarranted criticism from the left of course, but the President was only saying the truth.

For so long now, Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Leftists in the Democratic party have refused to do anything about the drugs entering our country from Mexico, all they care about is the illegal aliens pouring in, in large numbers. There have been reports from divers news sources of several caravans of illegals marching on our borders from different countries, why should this be allowed to continue when we can actually have a lasting solution to this once and for all? But No, if that is done, the democrats will lose the illegal votes they so desperately need to win elections. And this has been the major cause of the standoff between President Trump and Nancy Pelosi.

Venting his anger further in a tweet, he said;

The President then went further to state that there is no Amnesty in the deal offered to open up the Government, but promised not to remove the 11,000,000 people here illegally, although, he warned Nancy Pelosi to “be careful.”

There were criticism from the right that the President was offering Amnesty in order to get the wall built, conservative commentator, Ann Coulter was part of the group criticising President Trump just like she had done since the end of last year. But to these critics, the President sent out a tweet explaining his move, and saying that there will be further work done on immigration if this bid is accepted, he will be open to work with the Democrats to arrive at a Bipartisan solution to the current immigration crisis in the country.

In a rather bizarre Twitter storm, the President assured the House Speaker that he was still thinking about the State of the Union address, saying

“There are so many options including doing it as per your writing offer… I’ll get back to you”

It is quite clear that President Trump and Nancy Pelosi are no where close to coming back from this breakdown in relations. The House Speaker has advised the president to postpone or cancel the state of the union address originally billed to hold 29th January. But the President has promised to carry on his responsibility of having to address the American people on the current state of our union come 29th of January, saying that  there are no security threats. Pelosi who had advised the President to deliver his speech in writing was recently banned from traveling with the military air craft, an action which many believed was as a result of her move to cancel the state of the union address. President Trump had reacted angrily at first, and seeing an opportunity to strike back at her, he cancelled her trip, asking her to stay in Washington for further negotiation or travel by commercial.


President Trump has been doing a lot lately to get the border wall funding included in whatever deal he is making with the democrats regarding immigration. But the Democrats are doing all their best to make sure they keep him from doing what is right for the American people. Since when has the lives of other people been more valuable than the real citizens of America? Why are the Democrats fighting so hard to make sure we leave the borders open even when they know that this is a case of National security?

There are reports of drugs pouring into our from the southern border; 1 out of 3 murders in the United States are carried out by illegal aliens, so why should we leave the borders open? what exactly is the argument from Nancy Pelosi and others fighting for open borders?

There is no argument at all, they are just opposing President Trump, fighting and doing all they can to stop his reelection in 2020.

Is this back and forth fight between President Trump and the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, healthy for the Economy and the Government?

The Government Shutdown enters its 5th week this week, and there is no sign of an agreement in the nearest future.

1 thought on “GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN SHOWDOWN: President Trump Lash out at Nancy Pelosi

  1. They should never call u a Hot Head.
    Your calm and grounded for handling issues. If it comes to the point of state ofemergency. Our country is being attacked. That’s all that needs to be said. I think you’re in a position that you don’t want a more divided country and riots. As seen Seniors is that was knocked out of Workforce very early in life. Not much money save. It’s a hardship for them with medications and doctors. It puts a hardship on the rest of the family that meets their needs. This is off the top. Their adult kids cannot take care of them and put their children through schooling. Every parent wants their children do you have the choice to choose their life. Instead of Life choosing for them. Proud people well not take anything the government offers. Higher Social Security checks well help them with the necessary things. They can hold their head up and no they earned their social security..
    Sounds terrible to cut back on illegal aliens with all the care packages they get from the government. My issue is do it. We will get a lot of flack. Might see rioting or protesting. Muslims workout back and one state and they went to another state to get there Binny’s.
    We need to get the elections and polling places corrected. We don’t need to be a third world country. There’s been protesting groups that would not allow persons to vote. They threatened their lives.
    I can understand while you’re making sessions with the Democratic Party. The country needs to see that they are first. We will be praying, much
    We love you as our President Mr. Trump. Please keep that Mantle fortified through prayer. I understand about the mantle personally. I will ask God for his answers also in warfaring prayer pacifically.
    Bless you all that loves our Country well.
    A sincere Patriot and proud of it

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