Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: President Trump Offers Pelosi and Schumer a take it or leave deal.

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President Trump has offered Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer a take it or leave deal on immigration in a bid to end the longest partial government shutdown in US history.

Speaking from the Diplomatic room of the White House, President Trump said in his address to the Nation, that he will support a three-year extension of protections for 700,000 immigrants who were brought into the country illegally as children and were protected from deportation by the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. This proposal is to be in exchange for the $5.7 billion he requested for a wall on the southern border with Mexico.

President Trump stated that “Walls are not immoral,” adding that a wall

“will save many lives and stop drugs from pouring into our country.”

“This is not a concrete structure from sea to sea, these are steel barriers in high-priority locations.”

The  President who has been in a battle with Nancy Pelosi for sometime now over the Government shutdown promised that the deal would also extend protections for 300,000 recipients of the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program — another immigration program which protects immigrants from designated countries with conditions that prevent nationals from returning home safely.

“Our immigration system should be a source of pride, not a source of shame as it is all over the world,”

The proposal by the POTUS would allocate $800 million for drug detection technology to secure ports of entry, 2,750 new border agents and law enforcement professionals, and 75 new immigration judges to reduce an immense backlog of asylum requests.

All his proposals, no doubt, have been supported by Democrats before. And this fact was stated by the President during his address which was broadcasted live from the White House on Saturday.

The Democrats are aware of the dangers of open Borders but want one anyway. Drugs coming in, and high crime rates in cities occupied by illegal aliens, these and more could be prevented by having a wall on our southern border. The President has not called for the deportation of illegal aliens currently in the country. Rather he has offered a 3 years protection, with options for further immigration reform if his offers were accepted.

The Nancy Pelosi-led congress has proposed just 1.5 Billion dollars for increased border security as against the proposed 5.6 Billion dollars for the wall. This has been the stand-off between Pelosi and Trump, and the major cause of the Government Shutdown. President Trump had rejected the bill and refused to sign anything without the wall funding.

In his address, President Trump said

“If we are successful in this effort, we will have the best chance in a long time at real, bipartisan immigration reform, and it won’t stop here, it will keep going until we do it all,”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who has called on his colleagues across the aisle on several occasions to find a solution to the long overdue Government Shutdown, praised Trump for his “bold solution” to re-open the government.

“Compromise in divided government means that everyone can’t get everything they want every time,” “The President’s proposal reflects that. It strikes a fair compromise by incorporating priorities from both sides of the aisle.”

He said in a statement released shortly after the President’s address. Sen. Mitch McConnell has slammed his colleagues in the senate for opposing the President for no just cause, saying if another President had proposed this, it would have passed.

In his address, Sen. McConnell promised to bring the bill before the senate floor to have a debate on it and bring up a lasting solution to border security crisis.

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, also voiced his support for the president’s compromise plan, pledging his support via Twitter.

“@POTUS has put forth a reasonable, good faith proposal that will reopen the government and help secure the border. I look forward to voting for it and will work to encourage my Republican and Democratic colleagues to do the same,”

As expected, President Trump’s proposal was quickly smacked down by Democrats. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has been at loggerheads with the President came out ahead of the announcement to say the anticipated proposal comprised a “compilation of several previously rejected initiatives, each of which is unacceptable and in total, do not represent a good-faith effort to restore certainty to people’s lives.”

Nancy Pelosi who is hellbent on seeing the Government reopened without any deal whatsoever said, “It is unlikely that any one of these provisions alone would pass the House, and taken together, they are a non-starter,” she said in a statement.

“For one thing, this proposal does not include the permanent solution for the Dreamers and TPS recipients that our country needs and supports.” Pelosi said.

In a similar tone, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said it was unfortunate that in an effort to resolve the shutdown, Trump “keeps putting forward ineffective remedies.”

He went further to double down on what Pelosi had said by urging the president to open up the government as a prelude to productive and bipartisan solutions on immigration and the southern border.

“It was the president who singlehandedly took away DACA and TOS protections in the first place, Offering some protections back in exchange for the wall is not a compromise, but more hostage taking.”

Nancy Pelosi seem to be harbouring anger and resentment for the President ever since the last meeting held with Trump in which he walked out on them. She has threatened to cancel the State of the Union Address of the President, citing security threats, and retaliation mood, the President in turn canceled her trip to Egypt and Afghanistan. It has, so far, been a back and forth fight between President Trump and Nancy Pelosi. But President Trump has given his reasons for a request for the border wall, now its time for Nancy Pelosi to give her reasons why she is against it, or better still, stand down and let the President do his job of protecting the citizens of the United States. The people are tired of the politicians in Washington playing politics with their lives, the people are tired of selfish politicians playing emotional games with their lives all in the quest for power and control.

Nancy Pelosi, no doubt, is interested in a 2020 run, and is doing all she can to get attention all to herself. This is selfish and not necessary for a public servant elected by the masses to protect their interests in congress. America needs the wall, call it Immoral all you like, it will prevent the drugs pouring in on daily basis, it will reduce human trafficking, it will reduce crime rates within the United States. Why is Pelosi so concerned with illegal immigrants than the lives of our citizens, it is obviously because they give her and her fellow democrats the illegal votes they need to rig the elections and get themselves into power.

The antics being played by Schumer and Nancy Pelosi is pathetic at best, and wont work on the American people this time. No wall, No Government funding!

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