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Former president calls Biden ‘enemy of state’ at Pennsylvania rally

Former President Donald Trump in his Pennsylvania address called Joe Biden an “enemy of the state” who is somehow controlled by a shadowy cabal of other enemies.

Mr Trump attacked his successor in remarks at a Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania rally in support of Republican candidates in November’s midterm elections, his first since his Mar-a-Lago residence was raided by the FBI.

He noted that Mr Biden had gone to Philadelphia for a primetime speech in which he spoke about the threat to American democracy posed by Mr Trump and his supporters, who reject the legitimacy of elections won by Democrats and institutions that are not firmly under the control of the Republican Party.

Mr Trump accused Mr Biden of having “vilified” the 71 million voters who supported the ex-president in 2020 as “threats to democracy and as enemies of the state”.

He said it was the current president who is actually the enemy.

“He’s an enemy of the state, if you want to know the truth. The enemy of the state is him and the group that control him which is circling around him,” Mr Trump said.

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