Exposed! Audio Recording Proof That Joe Biden Was Aware Of Hunters Business Dealing Emerges!

A voicemail recorded by the senior Biden has been attained by the Daily Mail, providing that he was aware of his son’s financial affairs and yearned to talk over them with him.


Hunter’s famous laptop, the current issue that keeps on giving, is the origin of the voice mail:


Hunter’s son called the “spy head of China,” and President Joe Biden spoke with him about his business connections with the man, according to a voicemail left by Biden for Hunter.


Overwhelming indication implies contrarily, though the President has refuted on many circumstances (both in interviews and via his press secretary) that he communicated Hunter’s international business with him.


The proof was furnished by the President himself in a voicemail left on Hunter’s iPhone.


After reading a December 12th, 2018, article in the New York Times concerning Hunter’s business connections with the Chinese oil firm CEFC, Joe called Hunter and said he wished to talk to him.


According to Files on his lost laptop published by Daily Hunter made a multimillion-dollar contract with a Chinese corporation.


The Times disclosed that CEFC’s chairman Ye Jianming had been imprisoned in China and that his senior lieutenant Patrick Ho had been jailed in the US for bribing African authorities to assist Iran in avoiding oil sanctions. According to a report from 2018.

Proof indicated that in 2017, Ye and Hunter met at a hotel in Miami to explore “a cooperation to join in American infrastructure and energy agreements.”


Jim Biden, Joe Biden’s brother told the Times that Ho had reached out to him after his detention, believing he was trying to catch up with Hunter.


The Gray Lady said it was “unclear if Hunter Biden created any commercial agreements with CEFC,” a Chinese investment firm since they did not recognize the scope of his ties to the Chinese administration.


Joe reached out to Hunter and left a word after reading about the occurrence online.


“It’s Dad calling, man—Wednesday night at 8:15. Please call me whenever you can. There is no pressing need. I desire to have a quick word with you, he said.”


‘I liked the anecdote published online and will appear in tomorrow’s Times,’ the speaker said. In my viewpoint, you’ve made your point. Please call me whenever you can because I adore you.


The President has refuted many circumstances in that he and Hunter’s son talked about Hunter’s international business transactions; thus, this communication is at odds with those assertions.


Hunter’s voicemail was just uncovered after being conserved in an old backup of his iPhone XS on his abandoned laptop.


Here is the entire voicemail:


Joe Biden has been caught in the act of lying again. Regardless, I marvel if the junk media will challenge him about it or try to hold him accountable. If Trump had been who was found telling lies about his sons, would this have caused as much of a humiliation?


Again, Joe Biden reportedly assisted Hunter to pay for his Russian hookers.




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