Tue. Oct 15th, 2019

CNN employs Former Comey’s Spy that stole classified documents from the White House

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It has been reported that disgraced Former FBI Director James Comey had a spy inside the Trump’s White House reporting back to the FBI about President Trump and his aides. It’s clear who that Comey’s spy is.

Anthony Ferrante, was reporting back to James Comey all the information that he stole from the White House. Ferrante now works for CNN, same network that has been at the forefront of the fake collusion story. What is yet to be established is if Antony Ferrante attempted to frame the President as well, from within the White House.

CNN reported back In March 2019 that their cyber expert, who ofcourse is Anthony Ferrante, was used by Buzzfeed as an expert in the lawsuit against them by Aleksej Gubarev. Guberove immediately denied the allegations and Buzzfeed used Ferrante as an expert in their defense.

If corrupt Comey and his spy Ferrante tried to frame the President, it wouldn’t be the first time that the Obama – Comey Deep State gang was accused of attempting to frame President Trump through a cyber crime.

Hillary Clinton had asserted severely that President Trump colluded with Russian allied Wikileaks to hack into the DNC and also help swing the election against her back in 2016. But Bob Mueller’s investigation into the Russian interference in the 2016 elections has proven those allegations as false.

Meanwhile, James Comey remain a dirty Cop who was embarrassed and sent out of office for trying to bring down a democratically elected President, and now one of his dirty dogs that worked for him is now an employee of CNN, the Clown News Network that specialises in Fake News.

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