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“BRING BACK TRUMP” – Elon Musk Set to Re-instate Trump’s account

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, a supporter of Liberal causes just purchased a 9.2 percent interest in Twitter, making him the company’s biggest stakeholder.

“Twitter shares worth up to $2.9 billion are owned by Musk, whose passive investment in the firm is valued at up to 73.5 million shares at the end of trading on Friday. As stated by Newsmax, “the shares are controlled by the Elon Musk Revocable Trust.”

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The active Twitter user has amassed more than 80 million followers on the site since joining in 2009, and he has used the network to make various announcements, including teasing an impending go-private sale for Tesla, which has placed him in the crosshairs of regulatory authorities.” He, on the other hand, has been critical of the social media platform and its practices in recent months, claiming that the corporation is weakening democracy by failing to adhere to free speech values,” according to the news source.

Many social media users responded to the news, some Republicans expressing support for the action and others expressing displeasure with the decision.

Below are some of the tweets by top US congressional members;

After putting up a poll asking his followers whether they thought Twitter did a good job of sticking to free speech ideals, Musk made the decision to shut down his service.

Over 2 million people voted in Musk’s poll, which found that 70% of users said they did not think Twitter was protecting free speech principles and rights.

In the sight of this, speculations are rising that he could effect real change in terms of making sure the likes of Our Great President Trump gets his twitter account back.


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