Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

BREAKING!! Resolution to Expel Ilhan Omar passes to Congress for approval

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Rep. Ilhan Omar could be leaving the United States Congress before her time there elapses. This is, though long overdue, a welcome development in the fight for the sanctity of our democracy and our rule of law. People that don’t value the country and her constitution should not be allowed to cling onto same constitution for power when it benefits them.

The Alabama Republican Party Executive Committee On Friday voted in favor of a resolution calling on the Alabama Congressional Delegation to introduce and implement legislation to expel Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, D-Minnesota. This move will result in the congresswoman being recalled and disgraced out of office. There are, however, so many reasons why this move is justifiable and somewhat long overdue. From unanswered questions over her marriage to her brother, to accusations of marriage fraud and other illegal activities surrounding her campaigns as well as tax returns. The list goes on an on.

The resolution was launched by State Representative Tommy Hanes, R-Bryant. The resolution was implemented too late to be reviewed by the ALGOP Resolutions Committee. Under the laws of the Alabama Republican Party, any member of the Executive Committee may table a resolution from the ground, but 2/3 of the majority vote is required to pass without going through the Resolutions Committee. But Hanes said it doesn’t matter and won’t stop anything.

Hanes told the complete Executive Committee that Omar’s criticism of the U.S. soldiers and her criticism of Israel, and her call for a boycott of the U.S. ally in the Middle East, meant that she no longer deserved a seat in Congress.
A Republican stood up to oppose the resolution. He argued that he did not support Omar’s remarks or behaviour, but that he was concerned about the precedent set here. The individuals in her district of Minnesota elected her, and we should not undo their election any more than we would want them to expel the members of our Congress. While he might be right, in that she was democratically elected into office, it is also worth noting that, Ms. Ilhan Omar has not defended the constitution she vowed to defend when she was being sworn in, rather she has taken turns with the radical squad of hers to bash, slander and dehumanise the United States and her citizens.

A country that gave her a home when her homeland Somalia was been ravaged by war, a country that gave her the voice she think she has now, the same country that have her all she holds so dear, she takes every opportunity to criticize like some little entitled girl she truly is. So it’s right for well meaning Americans to call for her ouster from office, if she can’t defend the constitution, then she shouldn’t cling onto it for power.

Former State Representative Perry O. Hooper, R-Montgomery, spoke in favor of Hanes ‘ resolution to expel Ilhan Omar from Congress “The lady is guilty of sedition and we need to kick her ass out,” he said simply. The motion was passed easily and now awaits decision from congress.

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