Tue. Oct 15th, 2019

BREAKING: Damaging reports reveal evidence of FBI’s planned Coup against President Trump

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According to an article published on The Hill, There is an evidence to prove that Christopher Steele actually told the Justice department in July, and the State Department in October, about multiple flaws in his work, and that State officials even detected blatant inaccuracies in his supposed intelligence report.

According to a witness, John Solomon, “Multiple sources familiar with the FBI spreadsheet tell me the vast majority of Steele’s claims were deemed to be wrong, or could not be corroborated even with the most awesome tools available to the U.S. intelligence community. One source estimated the spreadsheet found upward of 90 percent of the dossier’s claims to be either wrong, nonverifiable or open-source intelligence found with a Google search.”

With all the information, the FBI still proceeded with the use the fake document, that had a suspected 90% inaccurate information to carry out surveillance on Trump, his campaign, and the transition team.

The FBI have, thus far, failed to provide any reasonable evidence to the contrary and this is concerning considering the Attorney General, William Barr’s testimony when he said for sure that Spying did occur on American Citizens. Which goes to say that, the Obama administration, knowingly used a fake dossier as bases for obtaining a fake FISA warrant to conduct an electronic surveillance on American Citizens, on American soil.

Investigation into this matter is still believed to be ongoing, and more reports and evidence coming out suggests that the FBI did really had a coup in mind against President Trump.

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