Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

Bob Mueller’s Report: President Trump being blamed for Obama’s mess

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The Bob Mueller’s report has cleared President Trump of Collusion allegations against him, but did the report clear up Barack Obama’s name as well? The answer ofcourse is No.

Barack Obama was the commander in chief when the Russians made an attempt to interfere with our electoral process in 2016. He was President of the United States when the Russians hacked the DNC. And to worsen the case against Barack Obama, Bob Mueller in his report stated that the Russians have been interfering with our elections since 2014. How then did the collusion and interference story only came up after President Trump won the 2016 Presidential election against Hillary Clinton who was Barack Obama’s candidate?

The Iran Nuclear deal

Barack Obama was negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran and he was in need of Putin’s support in the deal, so any slight retaliation against Russia could have a negative effect on the nuclear deal. So when the President Obama’s administration rolled out sanctions against Russia after the 2016 election for their interference, it was all a cover up.

Obama failed to stop Russia from marching into Crimea, he failed to stop them from making a mess in Syria, failed to stop them from hacking our democracy and everyone feels is cool to blame Trump. The Mueller’s report has shown that only Barack is to blame for the Russia menace. President Trump played no part in this attack on our democracy and the left has to leave him the hell alone.

Obama had the chance to prosecute Julian Assange but failed to, he had the chance to stop the attempt on the DNC server but he didn’t because the Iran nuclear deal was more important to him.

The former President is not the angel Democrats have painted him to be, he failed the United States and had to blame someone, hence, the Russia story that has now threatened to destroy President Trump’s administration. Obama is just a selfish politician that wants to have his way all the time and should not be allowed at all.

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