Tue. Oct 15th, 2019

AOC gets CHARGED with Financial Crimes!

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The far-left squad leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has finally been busted for financial crimes.
It has been widely reported that AOC had some involvement in some dark monies during the election campaigns. This could land her in jail and ruin her career forever.

According to reports gathered from Galaxy News express earlier today:
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been hit with allegations of financial fraud by a Conservative group with the FEC.
This financial fraud allegation involves an illegal diversion of thousands of dollars through an allied PAC to boyfriend Riley Roberts.
“This Complaint alleges Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez improperly converted U.S. House resources to her non-official, personal use by obtaining an official ‘@mail.house.gov’ e-mail address for her boyfriend, despite the fact he was not employed by her congressional office,” reads a line from the complaint obtained by Fox News.
“Moreover, it appears she obtained the e-mail address for him by falsely designating him a ‘staff’ member.”
Some Attorneys for the foundation have allege that Ocasio-Cortez violated restrictions on personal use of House services and equipment—as outlined in the House Ethics Manual. They maintain that the provision of an official House-based email address for Roberts is a violation of rules that prevent outside individuals from having an official account.

“To my surprise, no one else had acted on this information,” foundation attorney Dan Backer told Fox News, “and while media coverage of misconduct is good, [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] has to be held accountable.”
“On this matter, only OCE [Office of Congressional Ethics] has the investigative authority to do so.”

Should AOC be subjected to OCE investigations, it will spell the end for the controversial congresswoman who has not only been a torn in Donald Trump’s flesh but has also been a menace for House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.
Ocasio-Cortez’s office did not immediately give a response to requests for a comment, but the congresswoman made public statements last month when news of Roberts’ email account surfaced saying the account was given so he could have access to her calendar.

In her own words,
“Congressional spouses get Gcal access all the time. Next time check your facts before you tweet nonsense,” she tweeted. But this tweet did not convey the facts in its entirety.
David O’Boyle, the spokesperson for the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer, told Fox News: sometimes last month: “From time to time, at the request of members, spouses and partners are provided House email accounts for the purposes of viewing the member’s calendar.”

But Jason Chaffetz, former GOP chairman of the House Oversight committee, was quick to point out the loopholes, saying that Ocasio-Cortez’ claims don’t stack up.
“It’s totally naïve and inappropriate – you wouldn’t allow it in most companies, let alone the House of Representatives. There should be real consequences,” Chaffetz said.

The complaint filed with FEC specifically cites the use of “intermediaries” to make the payments, “the vague and amorphous nature of the services Riley ostensibly provided,” the relatively small amount of money raised by the campaign at that stage and “the romantic relationship between Ocasio-Cortez and Riley” in asserting the transactions might violate campaign finance law.
“It’s not illegal for [Ocasio-Cortez] to pay her boyfriend, but it appears that they created some sort of scheme to avoid claiming the money [as a campaign expense],” Backer told Fox News at the time. “What exactly did he do for that money?”

In another separate complaint which was filed with the FEC, an anonymous group alleged that the congresswoman and Saikat Chakrabarti, her chief of staff, apparently violated campaign finance law by funnelling nearly $1 million in contributions from political action committees Chakrabarti established to private companies that he also controlled.

The FEC complaint that claimed krabarti established two PACs, the Brand New Congress PAC and Justice Democrats PAC, and then systematically transferred more than $885,000 in contributions received by those PACs to the Brand New Campaign LLC and the Brand New Congress LLC — companies that, unlike PACs, are exempt from reporting all of their significant expenditures. The PACs claimed the payments were for “strategic consulting.”
Although large financial transfers from PACs to LLCs are not necessarily improper, the complaint argues that the goal of the “extensive” scheme was seemingly to illegally dodge detailed legal reporting requirements of the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, which are designed to track campaign expenditures.

“It appears ‘strategic consulting’ was a mischaracterization of a wide range of activities that should have been reported individually,” the complaint states.

All these reports point to wrongdoings by the self-righteous Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who was first to call out dark monies in politics and continuously trash Donald Trump over tax returns whatever Trump does with money and all. She seeks accountability from those above her but cannot give same. She wants to save the world with other people’s efforts, making people do the right thing while she remain in her own corruption and dark practices. Just how much of a low life is AOC really?

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