Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

Abortion Debate: Why we should choose Life

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For so many years, the left and right position on abortion has been simple. While the left has always advocated for the choice of the woman, the right has been crying out for the life of the baby. This has given rise to the Pro-choice and the Pro-life movements.

Now Ben Shapiro made it clear that the position of the right has been for decades that the mothers should not be punished as they are seen as victims rather than perpetrators of the act. If this is true, that means the Doctors who know that what is being removed is actually a human life and not tissues should be held accountable for Murder. But if that is so cruel a position to take, I think the common ground for us to take will be to educate the public on the real issue with abortion. The Doctors should be made to open up to these women and let them know that, hey, that’s a human life you’re carrying and to carry out the procedure will be killing your own child. And if the woman is not willing to listen, where does that leaves us?

The left has been pushing the narratives that the pro-life movements wants to take away women’s rights, but what about the rights of the baby? Should we be allowed to kill a human being just because we’re not comfortable with their existence? Abortion is immoral, unethical and cannot be justified because it is simply the killing of an innocent and helpless human being.

Another common argument by the left had been that Women will die of unsafe abortions if we made it illegal, so does it mean the government should sanction the killings of a helpless and innocent human life just because some law breakers will do it anyway? Well for starters, it is illegal to steal, but people steal anyway and they get into trouble when they do, that didn’t force the government to legalize stealing. It is illegal to rape women, but that hasn’t stopped terrible people from carrying out the terrible crime and they get caught and are being locked up in jail for the crime, but we’re not advocating for the government to make rape legal because we know it is terrible, It is immoral and unethical and should never go unpunished. Making a terrible act legal doesn’t mean it will magically become moral and ethical. Making abortion legal has not changed the fact that babies are being killed and that is an entire population being wiped out legally, and that is immoral.

And let’s not even talk about the religious views or debate. The baby is not human because Christians are against abortion, babies will remain babies no matter who supports or goes against abortion. And murder is a crime not because Christians say so.

And talking about rape, the supreme court has argued that the death penalty is cruel and harsh for a rapist, so why pass a death penalty on an innocent child for the crimes of the father?

Now with so many birth control methods available, the left is running out of points to further their abortion arguments.

But while they argue for killing of the baby, they’re bizarrely against a death penalty for rapists. And if the death penalty is so cruel as argued by the supreme court, how about we not ban guns so women can defend themselves with the firearms if a rapist try to attack them?

But they seem to be no middle ground at the moment, as the politicians are either using the narratives to run for political office or pit their supporters against each other without a real intention of finding solutions to the problem we already know exists.

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