Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

2020 ELECTIONS: Voter Fraud on the rise with open Borders. 11000 Illegals Registered to vote

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Have you been wondering why Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are fighting so hard to keep the borders open? Well, wonder no more. The Open borders are being used by Democrats to get lots of illegal votes in every election.
A huge bombshell report came out Wednesday, that Pennsylvania confirmed over 11,000 non-citizens are registered voters in the State. No wonder, Hillary Clinton was able to win the popular votes in the 2016 Elections.
A lawmaker in the State of Pennsylvania called the state to immediately erase the names of 11,198 non-citizens whom the state have already confirmed are illegal voters.
Daryl Metcalfe, a Republican and former chairman of a House government oversight panel, said the administration of Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, belatedly acknowledged the large number of noncitizens in communications over the past two months.
“I believe that we need to take action and have those people removed immediately from the rolls,” Mr. Metcalfe told The Washington Times. “They were never eligible to vote.”

The ‘Motor Voter Act’ which was signed by Bill Clinton in 1993 has been reported to be experiencing a glitch in the State, and this has given rise to cases of voter fraud. It is more than just a coincidence that same bill signed into law by Bill Clinton had been protected at all cost by Democrats over the years. And to keep the illegals voting, they brought DACA and are blocking President Trump’s border wall funding.
Make no mistake, the Democrats are playing a game with the lives of the patriotic American citizens, and trying to force their ideas of open border on us because it favours their intentions of rigging the election.
A report came out from Texas, where the Attorney General announced a voter fraud alert and confirmed Texas recorded nearly 100,000 voters that were illegals.
The Secretary of State of Texas, David Whitley issued an advisory on voter registration list maintenance activity and the analysis revealed tens of thousands of non-citizens are not only registered to vote, but they are voting in elections.
We have received wildly documented reports of illegal voters during the last conducted midterms, and more May be recorded in the 2020 Elections if we don’t make a move to stop it now. It is the United States of America, and we should not allow illegals decide who we put in power in our country. The radical left are fighting President Trump on all fronts, most especially now that they have the house of Reps, Nancy Pelosi will want to do anything to stop President Trump’s re-election, but we the real patriots should will not allow it.
Say No to Illegals, Say No to voter fraud, Build the wall and let’s Make America Great Again .

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