Tue. Nov 12th, 2019


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Kamala Harris is the most unqualified candidate in the history of the United States Presidential elections, only Hillary Clinton can be said to be worse than her.

From her poor records as Attorney General for the State of California to the dumb questions she is now used to asking in the Senate floor, one can barely predict anything better than a bitter defeat for the new Obama.

Kamala Harris has been wildly criticised for her tough on crime policy as a prosecutor, but that is not all. There have been recent reports of her extramarital affairs and how she slept her way to the top. The lover, Willie Brown, claim in an Op-ed that they dated about 20 years ago. At the time, he was already married for many years and Kamala Harris was not the only woman he had dated while married.

Willie Brown is the former leader of the Democratic caucus of the State of California. Obviously a very powerful man. He claim they met when he was about 60 years old, and married. Kamala Harris was just 30 years old at the time, and boom, they fell in love. She was attracted to a 60 years old? And fell in love with him even when he was married? I doubt that.

The fact is, Willie Brown gave Kamala Harris a bunch of jobs, he said it himself. He said he influenced her career by appointing her to two stake commissions when he was Assembly speaker. This is more than damaging to her career. And she should be ashamed of herself. She earned near 6 figures salary for doing nothing other than dating a married man.

Kamala Harris is the perfect example of what the Democratic party is right now, pathetic and shameful. She should be ignored, if she can date a married man, and selling her conscience in order to grow in politics, there’s nothing she won’t do if we let her near the oval office.

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