Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

New York city Mayor, De Blasio joins 2020 race

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New York city Mayor De Blasio has joined the Dems 2020 Caravan.
The mayor has announced his intententions to join the haunt for Democratic party nomination for the 2020 Pesdential election.
De Blasio is a well known socialist, a strong anti-Trump leftist whose policies have been a subject of controversy over the years.
He is a “do as i say and not as i do” kind of guy, someone who is rather interested in people obeying the rules he made but can’t keep.
Or maybe because he thinks he is above his own laws.
De Blasio has claimed to support climate change, saying anyone against climate change is his enemy, That’s the same Bill de Blasio who
hypocritically takes a caravan of cars from Manhattan to Brooklyn to go to the gym.

According to an article from the New York Post,

A few days ago, the New York Daily News exposed a new ­detail in the coverup of a traffic accident involving Hizzoner: “De Blasio’s NYPD SUV
was cruising the wrong way with lights and sirens blaring when it got into a car crash, sparking a frantic coverup by his security detail.”

Despite state law to the contrary, no accident report was filed with the DMV. The new ­information that his car drove into oncoming traffic
just underscored how the rules don’t apply to him.
It was particularly galling, coming from the mayor who ­implemented the Vision Zero initiative for safer streets. The website for the initiative is
very serious about collisions. “This status quo is unacceptable,” it says. “The City of New York must no longer regard traffic crashes as mere ‘accidents,’
but rather as preventable incidents that can be systematically addressed.” yet De Blasio only cause more of these accidents.

Another story about De Blasio that exposes how he and his deep state friends tends to get preferential treatment,

Cheryl Watson-Harris, a top deputy to Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza, was recently handed a seat for her daughter at the in-demand IS 187, the Christa McAuliffe School,
one of the best middle schools in Brooklyn. This, while parents in District 15 scramble to deal with the new middle school process, which removed “screens” for middle schools,
so that there are no “good” schools or “bad” schools.

As Susan Edelman reported in The Post a few days ago, “the girl entered in the 8th grade, ­although the grade 6-8 school normally accepts only incoming 6th graders.” But what’s a
little rule-bending for the elites in de Blasio’s circle?

What about his policies on immigration:

Mayor Bill de Blasio said President Trump’s immigration policy was rooted in cruelty.

he said, “He uses people like pawns,” de Blasio said in a statement. “New York City will always be the ultimate city of immigrants – the President’s empty threats won’t change that.”

so De Blasio is ready to bring down the border wall so everyone can get in, vetted or not, according to him, that is what America is all about.
Forgetting the fact that we are a country of laws and people getting in should be able to abide by the laws.

so 2020 voters, we have about two dozens of democrats looking to challenge President Trump now, but all of them have same agenda
1. open borders
2. gun controll
3. pro abortion
4. anti-semites
5. increased taxes
6. medicare for all
7. climate change
8. socialism or should i call it green new deal.

all of which are contrary to what the United states stands for. so which of these candidates do you want to see in a debate against Trump?
I think Creepy Uncle Joe will make the debate humorous for us. what do you think, leave your comments below.

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