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the double-edged sword Americans visibility of the LGBTQ community has on its people

According to GLAAD’S report, more and more Americans with increasing percentages of adults in the U.S. are beginning to identify as LGBTQ.  The GLAAD’S CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said in an interview that  “Our community continues to grow, and we’re seeing some growing acceptance,”  adding that “the concept of gender, in terms of non-LGBTQ Americans, is evolving.”

The report found that 43% of non-LGBTQ people think gender is not exclusively male and female, up from 38% in 2020. And 81% of non-LGBTQ people anticipate nonbinary and transgender people will become as familiar in everyday life as gay and lesbian people have.

But people are not all the way there. Among non-LGBTQ people, 45% admit they are confused by all the different terms to describe people in the LGBTQ community. Ellis says this requires education which is the purpose of GLAAD’s work.

GLAAD’s research also found that six in 10 people said they faced discrimination based on their sexual orientation and gender identity – an increase of 13% from last year.

“That does bring up sort of the double-edged sword of visibility,” Ellis says. “As our community continues to grow and become more visible, we’re seeing greater acceptance in some areas, and then we are seeing these growing challenges for acceptance in others, which are then turning into discrimination and hate.”

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