8 Joe Biden Scandals Inside Hunter Biden’s MacBook That Corporate Media Just Admitted Are True

These scandals are no longer just about Hunter Biden. They are about now-President Joe Biden, and we need answers. If you read through this article you will find out some serious deeds of this family. Last week, The New York Times quietly acknowledged that the emails recovered from the MacBook Hunter Biden abandoned at a […]

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JUST IN: Obama IMPLICATED In Hunter Biden’s Scandal

A group of Republicans last week requested to see Hunter Biden’s contact records with the Obama White House and with his father, President Joe Biden, guess what they found?? The House Oversight Committee Republicans wrote to the Biden administration, asking for any communication between Hunter and the Obama administration, according to The Epoch Times. They […]


Obama In DISARRAY As Durham Makes HUGE Announcement

Obama In Disarray As Durham Makes HUGE Announcement Obama has been making headlines after sources revealed his secret bio-lab in Ukraine and possible connections to the Covid-19 outbreak in US. This wild speculations has led Attorney John Durham very close to indicting former Obama administration officials for treason. The special counsel has unearthed more evidence […]