GOP senator Rand Paul have just been vindicated after his epic clash with Dr Fauci at a heated Senate hearings, over the discovery that Dr Fauci and the U.S.-funded research in Wuhan, where the coronavirus first started.

Senator Rand Paul at a recent interview with Axios on HBO said that Dr Fauci should be fired and locked up for good.


Senator Rand Paul added that, if not for anything but for the lack of judgment Dr Fauci should be removed and face the full arm of the law. He retaliated the fact that Dr Fauci’s high level of arrogance will probably never make him admit that he lied.

Nancy Pelosi and top democrats involved in creating the Virus will make sure the whole truth die down.


Dr Fauci will continue to silent and try to work around the truth and massage the truth because too Arrogant and wicked, the lives of innocent Americans means nothing to him.

Republican Senator Rand Paul also urged president Trump to do something right for once and sack Dr Fauci for the part the United States of America played in funding the research in Wuhan China.


The battle between Rand Paul and Dr Fauci have been going on for months now, they have been couple of clashes at times face-to-face during Senate committee hearings. In one of the Clashes, Rand Paul said Dr Fauci deserves a five-year prison sentence for the serious crime of perjury.

Dr Fauci’s lies where revealed when the principal deputy director at the NIH, penned a letter to republican Congressman Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers who is the ranking member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.


The content of the letter include unpublished data showing that laboratory mice infected with one bat coronavirus became sicker than those infected with a different bat coronavirus.

According to the letter, unpublished data showed that laboratory mice infected with one bat coronavirus became sicker than those infected with a different bat coronavirus.


Senator Rand Paul said the letter shows that the experiment involved gain of function research, which is a medical research that genetically alters an organism with the sole aim of enhancing the biological functions of gene products. In other words making a weak Virus stronger.

After dissecting the letter senator Rand Paul said that they acknowledge that the viruses did gain in function, that the Virus became more dangerous. So they’ve created a virus that doesn’t exist in nature to become more dangerous.


Angry Senator Rand Paul lashed out saying that they are now trying to justify a deliberate act by saying it was an unexpected result. Think about it you take an unknown virus, you combine it with another virus and you get a super virus. That’s not a mistake, it’s a deliberate act.

Senator Rand Paul also said, You do an experiment with two things in mind, it will either be a positive or negative results, You have no idea whether it gains functions or loses function, that’s what the experiment is.


The senator added that he does not know how anybody could argue that that is not gain of function research, they clearly knew what they where doing, it was all a plot to regain power.

Dr Fauci must not go free, let’s hold him accountable for his crimes, Dr Fauci is due for at least five years in prison for lying to congress, the virus was created by him and Nancy Pelosi with the sole aim of taking back powers from president Trump. LET’S SIGN THE PETITION BELOW AND MAKE HIM PAY…



I myself feel there is a need to drain out everything in Washington DC, that has been going for years and decades. It is high time American citizens make a decision and difference by getting rid of such people as Pelosi, Schumer and drain the rest of the swamp. Time for people in country to rise, in order to make the future and the present much better for their rights and freedom, along with those rights and freedom for their own children to come in the next future America. These morons care nothing about the country, nor the American citizens, who cast their votes for the better.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Dr. Fauci committed crimes against humanity especially citizens of US. He cannot be above the law and he must pay for what he did. MILLIONS PEOPLE HAVE DIED BY HIS ACTIONS.

Amount of people dying everyday with side effects shocking that he could get away with this crime but always remember God is in charge he is watching everyone

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