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Rumors Circulate Biden May Ditch Kamala in 2024 as Biden-Harris ‘Feud’ Intensifies

As rumors swirl, the “feud” between Biden and Harris is heating up and he may decide not to endorse Kamala in 2024. There are rumors that some of Vice President Joe Biden’s supporters have at least considered replacing Kamala Harris.

Professor Jason Nichols, in a critical article for Newsweek, laments that “we’re stuck with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.” Joe was the week’s most popular meme.

It seemed like every liberal media outlet was involved in a week of harsh criticism of Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden, with many even within the president’s own party urging him to commit not to seek re-election in 2024, Nichols wrote.

That doesn’t mean that Joe Biden’s administration was a complete success. Despite overwhelming majorities in both the House and Senate, many believe he has failed to make any significant legislative gains or deliver on his campaign promises.

“Voting rights and police reform, two important issues for African Americans, who also happen to be the most devoted and important constituency of the Democrats, were also not secured by President Biden,” he continued.

After the Roe decision in B.C. Wade, Nichols stated, “The President also appears powerless in the fight to defend physical autonomy and health care for women and girls, while Biden’s signature draft, Build Back Better, went under in the Senate where even he couldn’t to reach a consensus his own party.

Additionally, the president is unlikely to achieve much in the last two years of his term given the likelihood of Republicans taking control of the House of Representatives. Not everyone is warning about Biden and Harris, including Nichols.

There must be a contingency plan, was the subject of an inflammatory article in New Yorker magazine published last month. There’s a backup strategy, right? Gabriel Debenedetti, the author of Inside the 2024 Soul Searching That’s Happening in Every Area of ​​the Democratic Party, examines how the Democrats are coming to a crossroads.

Debenedetti notes that there appears to be a sharp rift between Harris and her supporters and Biden. and his supporters on the one hand. With the resurgence of Trumpism, questions are being raised about Biden’s age and political status, and his running mate, Vice President Kamala Harris, is viewed even less favorably than he is.

His net approval rating currently stands at minus 11, according to the latest analysis by the Los Angeles Times. As a result, there is a strange breakdown in communication between the two branches of the Democratic Party.

One group consists of Biden and his supporters who believe that while candidacy statistics are obviously bleak, historically a president and vice president are expected to face their first midterm election and will undoubtedly improve. The second group consists of a sizeable part of the democratic elite and the grassroots.

They believe factors such as age, succession, and strategy have created a dynamic that has no apparent precedent in recent times. As one fan put it on Capitol Hill, “Biden needs to run again because he needs to keep Trump off the white House and protect our democracy.”

And I’m sure Kamala Harris will lose. And this isn’t just a false rumor being spread. A CNN report from late last year said White House pundits showed complete disarray and dissatisfaction between
Biden and Harris.

A leading Democratic author commented, “Kamala Harris is a leader, but she’s not being put at the top.” Instead of burdening her, [Biden] needs to set her up for success. Giving him the power to take the initiative would make you and the party stronger if he did.

According to a person who heard it, this rumor has already spread. reached the highest levels of Biden’s orbit, CNN claimed. Top Democrats in and outside of Washington have reportedly begun speculating privately, asking each other why the White House has allowed them to be so marginalized in public opinion, at least in their eyes.

Harris became a political target once Republicans and the right-wing media picked her for the nomination. In addition, implicit sexism and racism persist.

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