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Retail Giant, Walmart Launched Epic Brand-New Clothing Line

On September the 21st, the American retail giant; Walmart launched its brand new clothing line that is said to have been in the works for over two years.

The Walton family business that has been the preferred destination for millions of Americans to get food and housewares has decided to branch into the fashion world with aim at providing high quality products at affordable prices.

The company debuted Free Assembly, a men and women’s label that will offer “elevated style essentials at an incredible value.” The starting fall collection, which is already available for sale, includes more than 30 items for women and 25 items for men that are all priced between $9 and $45.

The new in-house line, which is headed by former Bonobos executive Dwight Fenton, aims to be a play in the retailer’s successful private label business that will provide a high-quality product while staying below a $50 price tag, Yahoo! Life reports.

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