OMG!! Bill Barr Makes Terrifying Admission About Election Law Violations in 2020

Rich Welsh | Those weren’t his exact words, but they were exactly what he meant. Despite the fact that ballot harvesting is illegal everywhere except California, he informed the committee that he was not interested. Where else could you possibly go? I’ve discovered where Trump went wrong. He should have asked how much the Democrats paid Barr to turn a blind eye and cover up election fraud, and then doubled it. What’s holding you back? Barr has already proven himself to be a thief.

“Uh, the election was not stolen by fraud,” Bill Barr says. And nothing I’ve seen since the election, including the movie ‘2000 Mules,’ has changed my mind. (laughing) That’s it in a nutshell. The GBI [Georgia Bureau of Investigation] was not impressed with it, and I was not impressed with it either because I was waiting to see what the photographic proof was.

I figured it’d be difficult to explain if they had a bunch of photos of the same person dumping a bunch of ballots in different boxes. So I decided to look into the photo proof. The data from the phone is unimpressive. Simply put, if you take 2 million cell phones and figure out where they are physically in a large city like Atlanta or somewhere else, you’ll find hundreds of them that have passed by and spent time near these boxes. And the notion that that was a mule based on five boxes or whatever it was is untenable.”

Donuts for dollars, Barr never even seen 2000 Mules, and in the second place, he denies using the same technology during his time as purported Attorney General. And, according to him, it is usual for persons who are not attempting voting fraud to come to a halt near these boxes.

But what are the chances of 2000 people stopping near several drop boxes every night? The chances would be insurmountable. Why does Joe Biden think he’ll be able to finish a sentence before that happens?

The Gateway Pundit’s op-ed

Bill Barr, on the other hand, clearly does not comprehend or care about the law. In Georgia, smuggling ballots is prohibited. Hundreds of ballots are dumped into Georgia drop boxes by dozens of ballot traffickers, according to the film and dozens of video leaked after its release.

If Barr was truly committed to protecting the law, he would have looked into each example of ballot fraud revealed in the video and afterward.

A US Postal worker was photographed making four trips to the Liberty Center satellite voting center in Detroit on October 29. A private vehicle was used for the final journey. The number on the front of the US Post Office vehicle is the same, despite the fact that the personnel delivering the deliveries are not the same!


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That’s why It’s called the swamp. It doesn’t matter what party you’re in if you have been there more than 10 years they got you. EASY MOINEY is hard to turn down especially when you get older, and you figure out how to play the game, and who’s palm to grease, you become aware of “NO ONE IS THE WISER” WHEN you get kickbacks, trips, cruises, hotel vacations, restaurant outings for free, and great Christmas Gifts all for a little vote in one direction

Bill Barr I hope u can sleep well. He needs to come clean before he passes away all of a sudden from “suicide”

It’s evident, that not only our election was stolen, but that WE, the American people, are suffering from high inflation, lack of baby formula, invasion on our Southern border, high gasoline prices, unrest, abuse yo the homes of the Supreme Justice and many other problems, which we did not see during our beloved President TRUMP🇺🇲

The fraudulent election of 2020 must be overturned immediately to save the world this continued decline into this progressive globalist chaotic hell the deepstate left has put us into. TRUMP WON, BRING HIM BACK!!! # FJB AND THE GLOBALIST LEFT!!

The World knows bumbling OBiden stole the election. I wonder how many Congress and Senate seats was stolen also.

BARR is a Mason, and so is the lot of his fellow Masons. Barr can not come against one of his own kind. Period. !!

Now, now….folks, if he admits to Truth, about Election fraud, and watnot… he’d expose his boss; Department of Injustice ….
Imagine that vat of worms….🤔…..

If you look at the “root cause of what happened” you will find that there was to many snake’s in President Trump’s administration and people who were bought and paid for. But the one person that was pushing the democratics down the rabbit hole was xi jingping and the CCP. When you look at what President Trump’s administration did in 2020 alone and during a world wide pandemic you will see that it scared the 💩 out of xi jingping and the CCP. So the chinese and in particular xi jingping were so afraid of what a second term for President Trump would possibly do, they (the CCP and xi jingping) used all of the polititions who were on their payroll and pushed them to remove President Trump’s administration from office, and they did it. However the democratics weren’t ready really and didn’t have as much power as they thought and they made some very serious mistakes which has been being exposed every day now. If the democratics had just let it go and got along with business they probably would have gotten away with it, but they got greedy and stupid and now the silent majority is aware and awake of what the democratics have been doing for the last four decades, the changing of the US and the one china policy is when it really started to blossom and the CCP began the plan of destroying America from within.

I knew barr was dirty because he worked for bush another traitor, mcconnel traitor Gram needs to go too long with all the other traitors.
There are some good republicans and some great republicans we need them in Congress but we need to keep strong, buy from local farms support mom and pop locals and pray. Go back to cash and tell the IRS we can’t support a treasonous government.
Maybe it would work ?

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