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New Evidence Shows Crooked Electronic Voter Registration System

New Evidence Shows Crooked Electronic Voter Registration System

For months, grassroots groups have sounded the alarm about ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center), a system used in 31 states that was originally funded by the Soros Open Society, and how it is bloating the voter rolls.

Now, evidence indicates ERIC is politically compromised.
Meanwhile, the clock ticks down to the 2022 election, even as the number of Michigan’s registered voters climbs dangerously—and impossibly—to 104% of its Voting Aged Population (VAP).

On Monday, MI Rep. Ann Bollin (R), Chair of House Elections & Ethics Committee, announced, “We have initiated a deeper dive on our end with our legal counsel as we prep for an oversight hearing or letter of inquiry.”

MI Rep. Ann Bollin’s announcement came in response to Michigan Fair Elections’ urgent warning that Verity Vote had exposed the ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center)—the organization chartered with cleaning the state’s voter rolls—as politically compromised. The Representative’s announcement followed months of citizen research and a steady rain of alarming evidence surrounding ERIC, and it signaled the ship of state may be turning.

Meanwhile, the countdown clock ticks toward November’s mid-term elections, and ERIC continues to insert bias and bloat into the state’s qualified voter files. Legislative leaders are left with scant options to avert a looming election integrity crisis.

People have long known that ERIC obstructs transparency. It registers noncitizens, enjoys illegal access to Michigan residents’ personal information, and fails to remove moved, ineligible and dead voters. But on June 17,, led by citizen investigator Heather Honey, demonstrated that the left-wing organization had crossed a red line.

The primary effect of ERIC is to grow the voter rolls by converting eligible-but-unregistered (EBU) persons into registered voters. States divulge to ERIC personally identifying information of unregistered residents, including people who have declined to register for privacy reasons. FOIAs reveal that ERIC is sharing EBU records with Zuckerberg-funded CEIR.”

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