The most popular chant from president Trump’s first presidential election campaign resurfaced Saturday as Republican Rep. Jim Jordan goes off on current Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and prominent democrats for acts of treason.

The chants against Nancy Pelosi is back again and it’s right on time. The all famous ‘Lock Her Up’ Chant Re-Emerges at Ohio Trump’s ‘Save America’ Rally as house Republican representative Jim Jordan and Trump Attacks mentally ill Nancy Pelosi.


The chant which was formally directed at Hillary Clinton during President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and part of the 2020 Trump campaign rally, is now fully redirected to Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi is fast becoming the most hated politician in the entire U.S political environment. She have surpassed Hillary Clinton,some factions may say Nancy Pelosi is now worse than the former secretary of states.


Rep Jim Jordan held nothing back while speaking at Trump’s “Save America” rally in Wellington, Ohio this weekend, and nothing could hold back the “Lock Her Up” chant that became notable during Trump’s presidential campaign.

Rep Jim Jordan while addressing the crowd said they are right to petition the government, and that they shouldn’t stop fighting for their rights.


The chants and boos increase drastically as Jim Jordan continues speaking. The house Republican Rep. Continued talking about “freedom of press” before getting overtaken by the crowd’s lock her up chants.

Nancy Pelosi may also have a hand in the recent Capitol riot. Sources have said she rejected assistance prior to the event that took place.


The ‘Lock her up’ chants by Trump supporters were typically directed at Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign, but now the chants are redirected toward the incompetent speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi.

Vice President Kamala Harris was the next in line to be dismantled by rep Jim Jordan. Her recent trip to the Texas-Mexico border was criticized by Jordan. Jim Jordan said that Vice president kamala Harris probably wouldn’t have made her trip to the border if Trump hadn’t made plans to visit the border sometimes next week.


Nancy Pelosi’s Lock Her Up Chant particularly gained momentum after she ripped apart Trump’s speech for the January 2020 State of the Union Address at the back of President Donald Trump on live Television.

President trump also destroyed Nancy Pelosi, Trump said, he heard somebody behind him who was mumbling terribly, and it was very distracting. Pelosi have proven she can not deal with a loss. She has hated President Trump ever since he became president.


The earlier Nancy Pelosi is removed the better for the entire country.

Speaker Pelosi action during the state of the union address be came the talk of every news agency in the country president Trump’s supporters shifted their hatred for Hillary Clinton toward Nancy Pelosi.



First Of All, How’s a Law Maker Not Able To Be a Law Follower? And Is
Expecting To Be Above The Law On
Everything And Anyone In Her Little
Universe!!!! RULES FOR THEE.

And the kicker is that these rotten assed people make the laws but do not follow them. So sick of the corrupt lawmakers getting away with EVERYthing while they prosecute us “peasants” to the fullest extent of the law. It’s just got to change. God bless President Trump. I am so thankful to him for opening our eyes to the corruption and evil that has permeated DC.

She will need to stand in line, cuz Hilarious-Hillary, is first…🤔…. then, Nasty-Nancy; to follow, the corrupted DC Swamp…if, I inadvertently left anyone out….sorry…🤷‍♀️

Nancy pelosi had her hand in it President Trump wanted to have the national guard there she said no. And why is her son Paul working for Ukraine electric Co. Mitt Romeny son works for Ukraine. That’s where they launder our hard earned tax dollars. Hold them accountable

Chuck Schumer Nancy pelosi and pencil neck and everybody on the January 6th committee should be charged with treason

Nancy Pelosi tore apart the documents given her by trump during his ceremonial presidential speech in violation of the laws of this goverment and received no punishment. She is overdue some punishment for this and other unconstitutional violations.

Take away their money power maids butler’s and make them homeless and they will never make it

Pelosi stage the entire January 6th Fiasco, along with the Department of Justice and the DC police. Why would they refuse between 10 and 20000 National Guard? Because they knew they had a scheme set up to make president Trump and his supporters look bad. Video proves that the DC were involved when you see a policeman dressed like Trump support removing glass, as it was broken to enter the Capitol building, and since when did you ever see President Trump supporters wearing black and carrying backpacks, the answer is never those were antifa and black lives matter that will bust in for bus loads the day before on January 5th. People being held illegally hostage by our government oh, and have not been charged with anything. Can’t say trespassing because police wave people in. The whole thing is a sham scam so President Trump oh, we’ll never be back in the white house as president. But he is still legally the president of the United States he never did concede the 2020 stolen election. Biden, was illegally concerted he is not the president. He’s impersonating the president he is trespassing illegally in the White House, along with his entire fake Administration oh, they are all illegal.

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