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Fauci Is “EVIL” Candace Owens SLAM Fauci Over Big Pharma Corruption

Candace Owens has taken to Twitter to attack Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s top infectious disease expert, demanding for his firing and prison sentence.

Candace Owens’ comments came after hundreds of pages of Fauci’s emails were released under the Freedom of Information Act earlier this week. BuzzFeed News obtained more than 3,200 pages of emails sent and received by the White House’s chief medical adviser which have been made available online, while The Washington Post received more than 860 pages, some of which are also available to read.

On Wednesday, Owens, a conservative author and television host who is an ardent support of former President Donald Trump, called for the firing of the U.S.’s leading infectious disease expert and his imprisonment.

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Firing Fauci does not go far enough,” Owens said. “Anthony Fauci needs to be tried and put into federal prison. He ruined millions of lives via depression, bankruptcy, suicide, & preyed on children via school. He (and many others) have taken part in the crime of the century. We all knew it.

Candace Owens has also attacked Bill Gates, labeling them as “evil” in a furious Twitter tirade.

Aside from that, the right-wing activist attacked the pharmaceutical business, saying it is “riddled with corruption.”

Dr. Fauci is wicked,’ Owens stated on Twitter, Bill Gates is a nasty person. In the pharmaceutical sector, there is corruption and plain wickedness at every turn.

Owens’ latest tweet on Fauci and Gates has been retweeted approximately 23,000 times and liked by 112,400 Twitter users since it was sent out on Monday.

Bill Gates, who has invested $100 million to vaccine research via the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has vowed to be immunized in public to help raise public awareness of the therapy and improve trust in it.


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