Actor Jon Voight Calls For Joe Biden To Be Impeached: ‘We Cannot Wait’

Jon Voight, an actor, is an uncommon figure in Hollywood because he is an avowed conservative.

He just published a video of himself on his Twitter account in which he demands that Joe Biden be removed from office.

For very apparent reasons, much attention is being paid to it now.


Newsweek reports:


Jon Voight has issued a call for the impeachment of Joe Biden, stating, “We Cannot Wait Another Second.”


Jon Voight has made a public statement demanding President Joe Biden be removed from office, claiming that the Democratic Party head has “wronged our nation’s grandeur.”

In a video message published on Tuesday on the actor’s verified Twitter account, the conservative actor and ardent admirer of former President Donald Trump made a plea for Vice President Joe Biden to be removed from office.


Voight began his video greeting to close friends and family by saying, “My dear friends, we are all pained by so much turbulence that has been imposed upon this world we inhabit.” “Is it possible to bring light into this darkness? Is it possible for us to all experience delight once again and agree on something?”


He continued, “We have a troubled country with tremendous horror from these criminals that are harming lives.” “We have a disturbed nation.” “We have to put an end to this right now. We must restore national security.


Our law enforcement officers have a moral obligation to uphold the law while protecting our communities, our businesses, our children, our seniors, our veterans, and those who are disabled. We must defend our country and restore order. We’re all feeling quite insecure.”


The movie star, who had previously won an Oscar, continued by saying, “We’re all outraged, and let’s remember why.” “It all begins with the office of the President of the United States,” she said. He has disgraced the pride of our country. He has destroyed our values, which were the one thing that made this country exceptional.

Watch the video that may be found here:


Liberal celebs will likely be appalled by this, which is a shame since it’s unfortunate.

They have demanded Trump’s removal from office for the last four years

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Yes indeed I have been following him for years I know that he gmhas morals and he knows better than any one what a sick groupe are trying to starve and leave the people in the dark remember these people do not care about you or me ,thank you Mr,voilt

Thank you, Mr. John Volt.
I fully agree with you.
The Biden Administration needs to be IMPEACHED! And the Glgolblist George Soror, K Swabe, Gates and the Secret societies!
And Obama! Schiff and Schumer, Polsi and her family, and Hunter , Paul Jr Polsi.
Hillary Rodman Clinton.
Love your Acting. Glad you stood up for your self, and many other Celebrities are too
Thank you, 💖💖💖💖💖

I’m a Canadian citizen but I’m not interested in our politics but I have been paying a lot of attention to the United States politics. John Voight is a courageous man and he speaks from the heart. I don’t think the Hollywood elite will like what he had to say about Crooked Joe Biden. Trump had kept every promise that he made and what he accomplished in 4 years I have never seen from another President and all the while being harassed daily by the mouthpieces of the democratic party. Examples are, CNN ,ABC,MNSBC,WASHINGTON POST,CBS ,and many more but President Trump still accomplished his campaign promises. Now I believe that the United States is Presidentcy is being run by a crook. I personally believe that there was no way that Biden won the election fairly. Thanks for speaking up Mr. Voight

Jon Voight I met you in the military years ago and believe me if this crap was going on back then our Generals would have him tried for treason and he most certainly would not be impeached he is a trader so hang that SOB.

Thank you. Yes Joe Biden needs and should be immediatly impeached. And make it stick. We need this evil vile man out of the whitehouse. He has done all he knows to do to destroy America from within. God Bless America.

Hi concur. Thank you Jon Voight. Stay strong. Our children’s lives depends on us protecting them.

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