A Quick Look At Some Of Presidents Biden’s Lies Since Taking Office

President Biden has made multiple comments that have shown to be clearly incorrect, misrepresenting the American people for the purpose of his agendas since taking office just over 18 months ago.

Biden’s continuous allegations that rising gas prices are a direct result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, dubbed “Putin’s Price Hike,” are likely to have the largest impact on Americans. Gas prices are currently just above $5 per gallon, nearly $3 higher than when he took office and significantly higher than the $3.51 per gallon the day before Ukraine’s invasion.

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However, we may examine Biden’s actions since taking office to determine the true causes of the ongoing rise in gas prices. After entering office in 2021, President Biden imposed a halt on the whole leasing scheme. However, on June 15, 2021, a federal judge blocked the moratorium, concluding that Biden had exceeded his power.

Biden’s anti-gas policies are a major factor in the price increase. At the time of the Ukrainian crisis, it had already climbed by 55%..

According to David Kreutzer, senior economist at the Institute for Energy Research, Biden conducted a “all-fronts war on oil and gas,” and “nearly every move” his administration made “was the antithesis of what needed to be done.”

In addition, the President and his administration lied about the vaccine. The administration stated in May that there would be no vaccination available when Biden takes office in 2021.

However, COVID-19 vaccines were available for weeks before Biden took office, offered under former President Donald Trump. According to The Washington Post’s vaccine tracker, about 1.2 million doses were administered on January 19, the day before Biden took office

The President has continually made claims about the gun industry, saying gun manufacturers are the “only industry” that has “immunity” from being sued for “death and destruction.

“We should repeal the liability shield that often protects gun manufacturers from being sued for the death and destruction caused by their weapons,” Biden wrote in a June 2 tweet. “They’re the only industry in the country that has this kind of immunity. It’s outrageous. It must end

The President repeated the claim many times, including in his State of The Union address earlier this year.

It proves again to be entirely false. Other industries also have immunity, including manufacturers of the COVID-19 vaccine until 2024.

The federal government has provided businesses like Pfizer and Moderna protection from accountability if something goes wrong with their vaccinations unintentionally.

The President’s pronouncements are solely concerned with his administration’s agenda, regardless of whether they are true or not.


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