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5 Creative first date questions to land any girl in the world

Going on a date with a girl you like could be a really difficult endeavor. One which most people find themselves fighting against their innate feelings such as fear, tension, anxiety and a whole lot of others put together in that single moment.

Also, for a date especially a first one which needs to be perfect, one has to deal with delicately so as to avoid bringing up some sensitive topics such as politics and religion which could drive a wedge between you two before you even begin.

So the magic lies in what type of questions should you be asking the other person while you’re staring at each other across a candle-lit table, perched together on a bench outside a coffee shop, or waiting for your movie to start at the movie theater or wherever the date might be?

Below is a list of 5 mind-blowing and conversation igniting questions to ask on the first date:

  1. “Who are the Special People in your life?”
    Inquire about your date’s siblings, best friends, grandparents, and even pets. Pay attention to how they talk about other individuals to get a sense of their personality. This question also reveals who has had the greatest influence on your date’s life and who has shaped them into the person they are now. Generally, people appreciate when you care not just about them but also about the people whom they care about so asking your girl who she cares about is sure to get you great scores on your first date.
  2. “What makes you Unique?”
    It may seem self-evident, but getting someone to talk about themselves is the easiest way to connect with them. Inquire about their interests and hobbies. Do they enjoy sports, painting, spending time outside, reading, or dancing? Perhaps you’ll discover something you both enjoy doing, which, if the date goes well, could serve as a starting point for a future date.
  3. “What’s something you want to learn or wish you were better at?”
    This is a very sensitive but important question like “what are your hopes and goals?” Asking this question shows how much you’re willing to know your date and it takes the conversation to a different level and creates room for more conversation.
  4. “Know any good jokes?”
    Who doesn’t like some humor?  Asking this question will bring a mood of relaxation to the conversation and make her more relaxed. Jokes are also a good ice-breaker and there’s no telling where the conversation is headed after a good laugh.
  5. “What’s your favorite vacation spots?”
    Is there a preferred vacation spot for them? Is there a fantastic hiking trail hidden behind the river that they know about? Do they have a hidden hideaway where they can rest, unwind, and get away from it all? These questions help others to see into our “happy spot” and observe what kind of environments make us feel the most like ourselves.

    There’s no telling what your first date is gonna lead to if you follow the above stated conversation starters.

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